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Analysis and Strategy

The Synwisery Value Proposition

Professional development and support for your innovation and corporate strategy with our WISER Approach 

Comprehensive consulting and sparring on positioning, technological opportunities and evaluation of the national or international competitive situation 

Always keeping a neutral focus on the core value of your product or service 

Brand and communication impact and future marketing opportunities are already integrated during strategy development 

Coordination and Implementation

The Synwisery Value Proposition

Selection/coordination of the best implementation partners 

Consulting on innovation processes, knowledge and innovation management systems 

Consulting on project definition and methodology 

Monitoring and evaluation of project progress 

Buildup/coordination of project consortia 

Establishing contacts with industry-specific key opinion leaders  

Facilitation of market entry in Germany 

Impact and Visibility

The Synwisery Value Proposition

Development of a differentiating brand mission statement 

Establishment/further development of brand and corporate identity 

KPI-based communication and hybrid marketing campaigns  

Strengthening business development 

Strategic PR agenda-setting/storytelling

Reputation management and crisis communication 

Professional C-level positioning in media and social media 

We are experienced in B2B and B2C and work nationally and internationally with start-ups, SMEs, large corporations and scientific institutions.



Artificial Intelligence