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WISER Sparring for more Clarity

Synwisery Strategy Consulting

Cutting through the complexities of health technology innovation, our comprehensive end-to-end sparring delivers actionable advice and drives real value. We understand your challenges, leveraging our extensive experience in deep tech and healthcare.
Appreciative yet always straightforward, we help you differentiate your core value. From ideation to execution, we ensure measurable outcomes.
What makes us unique: Our complementary strategic perspectives form a holistic picture of your business from development to market success, from stakeholders to processes.

“Synwisery's expertise has supercharged Myoact, ensuring that our EMG solution not only meets but exceeds the expectations of sports medical professionals. Their profound understanding of healthcare stakeholders has guided us in tailoring our strategy and messaging to meet the industry's demands precisely."

Testimonial Item

Simon Roth

Co-Founder and CEO, Myoact

Boosting Visibility and Impact

Synwisery MarComms Roadmap

In the health technology sector, countless innovations compete for attention. By establishing a clear, competitive positioning, we elevate your company to a new level.
Based on our deep analysis of assets and targets, your unique brand evolution makes your company stand out.
Our performance-driven marketing roadmap and compelling narratives create measurable success and optimize your reach across channels to meet diverse stakeholder needs.
We strengthen your business development and support you in building strong partner and KOL networks.

“Partnering with Synwisery has been very valuable for Incepto. Their methodical guidance and inputs have delivered a compelling positioning and marketing strategy. Natalie Erdmann and Dr. Stefan Braunewell stand out with their passion for health tech and their complementary expertise.”

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Antoine Jomier

CEO & Founder, Incepto Medical

Ensuring Excellence in Execution

Synwisery Implementation Consulting

Streamlining health tech innovation, we facilitate the execution of your projects. Our tailored implementation consulting sets a clear roadmap from strategic inception to successful realization.
We emphasize the human factor, fostering internal ownership and alignment to turn initiatives into shared missions.
Leveraging our network of industry experts, we build and orchestrate partner networks to enhance capabilities and business opportunities.

“Synwisery has been more than a consultancy; they've been a pivotal partner in our journey towards becoming a leader in the radiology AI space. Their expertise, dedication, and innovative approaches have left a lasting impact on our company.”

Testimonial Item

Robert Lauritzen

Co-Founder and CEO of Cerebriu

We are experienced in B2B and B2C and work nationally and internationally with start-ups, SMEs, large corporations and scientific institutions.



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